Working   Together

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Working   Together

We have
one nose
two eyes
two ears.

All working together.

Staying alert
checking for danger.

The nose can smell
but cannot see.

The eyes can see
but cannot hear.

The ears can hear
but cannot smell.

They work together,
helping each other.

Always alerting
everyone of danger.

One day there
were questions.

Who was biggest?

Who was important?

Who was the best?

The nose said,
“I can smell danger,
because of that,
I am biggest.”

The eyes said,
“We can see danger,
because of that
we are important.”

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The ears said,
“We can hear danger,
because of that,
we are best.”

They kept saying
the same thing
over and over,
they stopped
being alert.

The more they talked
the louder they got,
everyone yelling,
no one, paying attention.

The mind heard the screaming,
and went down to check out
the loud noise.

Not saying a word, and
standing there quietly,
watching and waiting,
everyone became silent.

The mind quietly asked,
“Who is the biggest?
Who is important?
Who is the best?”

They all raised their hands.

Waving them all about,
as fast as they could.

The mind smiled and said,
“Look around. Look at me.”

“We are raising our hands.”

When we work together,
we are Safe.

“When we fight, danger wins."

“Everyone needs to remember the rule.”

“I help the others,
they help me,
that is the way
I want it to be.”

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“If I come down here again,
    R E A L     Y E L L I N G.”

The mind smiled and left.

Everyone went back to work.

They made a firm promise.

“We will work together.
  We will keep everyone safe
  from danger.”

We must carefully learn
how we want to be.

And pass those lessons
in Story Crafting form.

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