The Brevity Bell - You need a lawyer

The brevity bell

You need a Lawyer

Ralph was in the break room
on his half  hour uninterrupted
lunch  break.

Mary Lee came in with a smile
and said,   " Hi,  Ralph.  How are
you today?   I am so glad you are
here.  I have a very big problem. "

Ralph put down his paper to give
Mary his undivided attention.

Ralph asked,  " What happened
now? "

"Remember when my car was not
working and  I  could not move it?"

"Ya.  That was bad timing
all around.  Is your car
broke again?"

"No. But I couldn't get tags for
it until I payed off the tickets."

"How long ago did you get the
tickets, uh how many?

"Just two.  I told the lady
at the DMV that I never saw
those stupid tickets."

"I tried to tell the DMV lady
that the tickets must have 
blown off the window."

"What did she say?"

"She just rolled her eyes
and looked away.  She made
me feel soooo stupid."

Reeely, how inconsiderate of her.
How much did they charge you?"

"350.00 bucks."

"That's not bad."

"Maybe for you. You are rich.
For me it's a fortune."

I'm not rich enough to pay your
tickets, if that is what you
are asking."

"No, I managed to work it out."

"I'm glad to see you did the 
responsible thing and paid the 

"I wrote them a check."

"I knew you would do the right thing."

"Ya, but I am worried."

"About what?"

"I am not sure if I have enough
money in the account.  What if
the check bounces."

"I would not worry about that.
You need to start worrying about
the Sherif bouncing up to your
front door with a summons to
appear in court."

"Do you think I should pray about it?"

"Actually, you should contact a lawyer."


"God made lawyers to handle the small
stuff,  He is to busy handling the big 

Mary got up and headed for the breakroom
door.  She, paused, turned around and said,
"You're no help."

Ralph shrugged his shoulders and went back
to reading his paper.

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