The Brevity Bell

Early to bed . . .
Early to rise . . .

Growing up in the 1950's
I heard well worn out
phrases over and over
to the point of rolling
my mind when they
were spoken.

Here is one I remember

“Early to bed,
early to rise,
makes a man
wealthy and

I think it's time for an update.

Be Healthy, eat less than
you want.

Be Wealthy, earn more than
your bills.

Be Wise, read more than
you can.

Those three phrases are
easier said than done.

Most of us remember
Charles Dickens who wrote
"The Christmas Carol."

He wrote another book,
"David Copperfield."

In it, Charles used 47 words
on how to be happy.

He said, “I remember, to take
warning by his fate; and to
observe that if a man had
twenty pounds a-year for
his income, and spent
nineteen pounds nineteen
shillings and sixpence,
he would be happy, but then
if he spent twenty pounds
one, he would be miserable.”

After reading the wall of
words, I thought, "Hey, I
see a seven word tweet."

Be Happy, spend less than
you make.

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