The Brevity Bell - Lu Mar

The    Brevity    Bell
Sailing   Ship

Lu   Mar
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My Dad’s name was Lumir.

The first two letters of
his name became the first
two letters of mine.

My Mom’s name was Margaret.

The first three letters of
her name became the last
three letters of mine.

    L u    M a r

Dad's Lu 
Mom's Mar

created a name with five
letters and I chose five 
as my Lucky Number.

I was not fond of my name
during my school years.

I adopted the nickname of

After High School, I did
not want to be Louie any
more, it was time to be
called Lee.

When I started writing 
for The Brevity Bell,
I dusted off my name of
LuMar and began using it
as my PenName.

My Dad was born in 1912.

The year that the 
Titanic sank.

Mom was born in 1918.

In the middle of the 
Spanish Flu Pandemic.

I was born in 1946.

About eight weeks 
before the first 
wireless phone call 
was made using a car 
phone in Kansas.

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The Brevity Bell
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