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  15 Jul, 2020

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On the top shelf,
sits an old,
blue cloth
bound book.

Sunlight streams
onto the book's
gold lettering.


I grab it firmly
and bring it down.

I open the cover.

Words float
like smoke.

Rising slowly
up and away,
turning into
shiny hot
air balloons.

Reaching the ceiling
they change again.

Into tiny butterflies
that sparkle with the
colors of a rainbow.

Fluttering back
into the book,
the butterflies
become words
once again.

I close the cover.

I look for a table
with an empty chair.


The sunflower seed
breaking thru soft and warm soil
wants to see the Sun

The plant standing tall
looking in the sky all day
will watch and have fun

The fall wind will blow
bending the old aging plant
spreading all the seed

A syllabic tercet experiment.

5 syllables in the 1st line
7 syllables in the 2nd line
5 syllables in the 3rd line

Three lines in each stanza.
Three stanzas in the poem.

Nine lines and 51 syllables
make a simple poem.

"The purpose of a writer
is to be read. . ."

Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784,
author of the first major
English dictionary.

    =     =     =

The first step in fulfilling our
purpose as a writer is to be
a dedicated editor.

However, we must not let
perfection prevent completion.

If we write as a creative and are
filled with the desire to write,
our career will last a lifetime.

If we write to acquire income
it may become a miserable job.

The world is always
in need of writers.

Learn about writing.

Try it out with just
a few lines of words.

If it does not work out,
you can always be a reader.

If you prefer to be
a reader, my site
is open 24/7.