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The Best Cafè

🍪 🍪

This is a test to see where the text will go. I will keep typing in the hopes a finding the answer


Tea . .               . .   55 ¢

Coffee . .           . .   75 ¢

Chocolate . .       . .   95 ¢

Sweet biscuits and Cookies.
$2.00 each.

Gluten Free
available on request.


Please take a snap,
of our menu's back.

A chat to send,
your best friend

The Best Cafè

🍪 🍪

Table and chair
in the open air.

Clouds in the sky,
passing slowly by.

The Best Cafè
in Hayday Bay.

Ready and waiting.
with a
Three cup rating.

☕ ☕ ☕

Open Daily
6 a.m.   -   9 p.m.

341 Emoji Lane
HayDay Bay

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Tables 4-rent by the hour.
6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
( 000 )   135   -   4567


A sample of
my writing


On the
top shelf,
sits an old,
blue cloth
bound book.

Sunlight streams
onto the book's
gold lettering.

glitters brightly.

I grab it firmly
and bring it down.

I open the cover.

Words float
like smoke.

Rising slowly
up and away,
turning into
shiny hot
air balloons.

Reaching the ceiling
they change again.

Into tiny butterflies
that sparkle with the
colors of a rainbow.

Fluttering back
down into
the book,
the butterflies
become words
once again.

I close the cover . . .

Lu Mar 2020
All Rights Reserved

My writing style is
like a snack, not a
3 course meal

Stop back often for
sweet biscuits and
a warm beverage.

The Best Cafè
is open.
Please come in.

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The   Kep   Gazette